Interion design for inviduals

We will make your dreams come true - as long as they are about a cozy home or recreational residence. Be it an old or a brand new structure, we can design or re-design the entire house interior or just a single room according to your needs. The design process begins with the clients requests and intentions for the space, so that it can be designed wholly functional. Each project is unique, so the proportions and timetable for the task are individually agreed on. The design work is invoiced on an hourly rate or with a contract depending on the extension of the project. Contact us, and we'll calculate a package that suits you the best!

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  • Consultation
  • Styling
  • Ground planning
  • Surface material and color schemes
  • Textile, furniture and lighting schemes
  • Novelty furniture design
  • 3D-modeling
  • Production organizing

Design services for companies

A functional and convenient working environment optimizes the work welfare as well as the efficiency of the work space. It works as a visiting card for the business and increases it's productivity. We aspire to create hotel, restaurant and retail environments memorable, encouraging people to re-visit. We appreciate sustainable values and we wish for it to show in our choises of material and furniture. Big or small of a challenge, we will jump at the chance!

  • Concept design
  • Novelty furniture design
  • 3D-modeling
  • Office environments
  • Retail environments
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Educational environments
  • Service environments